Hello World, This is Daniel

A Hello World seems like as equal an appropriate start to a software and programming skewed professional blog as any other I could think of. Probably not too original either, but I enjoyed the opportunity to find a nice orbital photo of our planet earth for the article’s masthead. In the interest of not making an ordeal of an introductory blog post I will quickly brainstorm my motivations for this blog and use it at as a point of reference if this blog should evolve and be actively maintained.

The most relevant motivation in the context of a professional blog will be to showcase work of a sufficient quality for my online portfolio. Upon achieving certain milestones in work that pertain to projects I am actively working on, it is my hope that I can intermittently share snippets of notable success or achievement.

With obvious discretion and respect to the privacy of the parties I may be working for (if the subjects should cross paths), I would like to use this blog as a platform to discuss matters of first hand experiences of project and product development management with reflections on both successes and shortcomings. I try to maintain an active readerships of a couple of business management magazines and I would like to pull information sourced from articles that I may find to strike a parallel to direct work experiences.

Finally I would be realizing a long term ambition if I were to use this blog to publish essays or general commentary of issues of or changes in technologies and industries that connect in some way with my academic or professional spheres of knowledge.

With the incidental benefit of improving my writing ability, I hope this blog provides a proactive way to better track and document my professional and academic growth, engage in healthy and meaningful reflection of work experiences and to earnestly contemplate and form and express sophisticated judgment on topics that I feel strong interest towards.