Professional Biography

Daniel is a multi-disciplined engineer whose current ventures place him in a role of a Software Developer/Programmer with a focus on web technologies. Daniel holds a degree in Mineral (Mining) Engineering from the University of Toronto and has applied his degree towards 3 years of rich work experience between two mining operations in Northern Canada.

Daniel’s transition into software began when he departed his last held mining engineering position to explore other fields of engineering within a non-degree study year at the University of Toronto. Courses comprised topics from a variety of engineering disciplines previously unexplored by his original degree: polymers, biomechanics, enterprise knowledge management, UX design and software development to name a few. Satisfied with the challenge and the diversity of new knowledge and engineering perspective gained in the year of academic exploration he decided to leverage his combined experiences and enhance his knowledge of software development to realize his ambitions of building user-experience focused, professional oriented work tools.

This path included his personal capstone startup project, later titled ClearMine, which over the course of a year allowed himself to explore with great detail the intricacies and architecture of composing a non-trivial web client application from front-end to back. Despite having retired the project in the Fall of 2015, the practical experience provided him the background and expertise to tackle progressively larger contracts for building interaction rich web applications; notably AllSeating and Be Seen Be Safe. These professional experiences built on his expertise to manage client relations, define and distill user requirements and manage the flow of resources from multiple parties invested in a project to meet deadlines.

Daniel actively participates in the programming community by regularly attending Toronto based technology meet-ups. He is dedicated to developing and maintaining a rich professional network, building strong relationships with persons of diverse professional and academic backgrounds. He is always ready to impart knowledge of his personal and work experience to young professionals who are looking for guidance as they navigate post-academic career waters.



  • ECMAScript 6 (Javascript), Python, HTML, CSS3


  • Express, Django, Play
  • Angular, Mithril